Measure exactly.
Analyze exactly.
Exactly recommend.

Reasons for the aging process

  • Decreased hormone production falling hormone levels
  • Reduced resistance   weakened immune System
  • Damage from oxygen radicals   caused by environmental pollution, cigarette smoke etc.
  • Chromosome damage   aging chromosomes lose part messages during Transmission
  • Saccharification of the cell membranes   proteins adhere and cannot perform their functions

Stay efficient with anti aging preventive medicine

Hormones, vital substances & phytotherapy in anti aging medicine


Effective anti aging:

The right dosage achieves

  • Fat loss. muscle & bone development
  • Stronger immune system
  • Efficiency, vitality & energy gain
  • Activation of sex life
  • Reduction in sleep disorders & alleviation of depression
  • Decrease in arteriosclerosis


Anti aging medicine demonstrates strategies to retard biological aging.

Purpose of anti-aging medicine

To maintain your efficiency, health & vital­ity and your mental & physical fit­ness into old age.

Worthwhile measures:

  • Your personal healthy lifestyle
  • Your personalized nutrition & exercise op­ti­mization
  • Your per­sonal vital substance requirement
  • Your tailor-made hor­mone ­formula

Your full blood analysis

indicates your per­sonal vital substance ­s­ta­tus, with sub­sti­tu­tion by supplements until the per­sonal micro­nutrient requirement is reached.

Your hormone status

hormones based on your personal hormone formula.

Your microbiome

is normalized in dysbiosis of your healthy intestinal flora by personal symbiosis control

Efficient, healthy & vital genetics

Your Strength Risk Profile indicates your personal need for action on nutrition, micronutrients, sport & exercise

Lifestyle & performance diagnosis, exercise & sport analysis


indicates the most effective measures for you for body structure, metabolism, performance and lifestyle

The results are integrated in your personal anti aging Programme.

Possible anti aging measures

Your personal anti aging programme
  • Hormone therapy
  • Intestinal repair
  • Phytotherapy
  • Vital substance therapy
  • Medicinal lymph drainage


  • Medicinal detox
  • Nutrition optimization
  • Micronutrient therapy
  • Sport & exercise plan
Holistic treatment with support & realization by our team of internal medicine, orthomolecular, phytotherapy & hormone specialists, nutrition & sports medicine.

Hormones for women and men

  • Cortisone
  • Melatonin
  • Thyroid hormones T3 and T4
  • Insulin & pectin
  • Serotonin
  • Liberine releasing hormones
  • Pregnenolon

Hormones, the elixir of life


Oestrogen and oestradiol (17 beta oestradiol),
17 hydroxyprogesterone and progesterone,
Testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone
Androstenedione and oestrogens
Thyroid and thymus hormones

Hormones, the elixir of life


Testosterone – the male hormone
Dehydroepiandrosterone – the fountain of youth hormone
bGH – the bovine growth hormone
LH & FSB – important for sperm production
Oestrogens – as part of hormone therapy

The hormone therapy

Natural hormones VALUABLY effective

Hormone therapy consists of both pure natural hormones and always a personal, individual solution – your personalized hormone dosage. Natural hormones are substituted only after a detailed hormone diagnosis & blood analysis by the doctor. Hormone therapy is always administered under regular medical supervision.

Your hormone requirement
Unique just like you

The vital substance therapy

Vitality for body & mind

Supplements of vital vitamins, trace elements, enzymes & minerals in small quantities keep the organism alive. The medically prescribed, personalized micronutrient requirement fills up your empty tanks of vital substances and is VALUABLE health protection.

The vital substance supplements can certainly be administered alongside conventional medication during illness to give powerful support. Vitamins A, C and E and the trace element selenium are particularly versatile. These antioxidants are able to capture free radicals, which has the benefit of counteracting hardening of the arteries, cell degeneration and age spots.

Vitamins E and C prevent harmful LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and being deposited on vascular walls. Magnesium is an important aid in many metabolic processes and a supplement to many cardiovascular drugs. The active substances zinc & chromium promote glucose utilization and protect the cell membranes from saccharification.

The holistic full blood analysis & vital substance status is an essential pillar of anti aging medicine. The dosage is then based on the results of the full blood analysis & the personalized micronutrient requirement from your MED GENE ANALYSIS.

During the personal consultation with our orthomolecular medicine specialist.

MED intestinal repair

Having healthy gut bacteria is of the greatest importance for the digestion, the supply of many vitamins and above all for the function of the immune system. The healthy gut bacteria are called intestinal symbionts. These “healthy little helpers” live in harmonious interaction with humans.

The colon is often called the greatest personal defence organ available to humans. The organism can undergo numerous reactions in the colon among billions of microbes. It converts unwelcome bacteria flora into useful symbionts. The valuable and effective immune behaviour is continuously activated in the healthy organism.

The human gut bacteria in a healthy, constructive composition are called eubiosis. Significant variations are called dysbiosis. By oral administration of suitable healthy intestinal bacteria – symbionts in dysbiosis, we achieve restoration of the intestinal flora back to healthy gut bacteria by substitution.

Causes of unhealthy bacterial diversity within the intestinal Flora:

Healthy gut bacteria give preventive protection against:

  • Foods with a high refined sugar content
  • Roughage deficiency
  • Flour products from intensively milled industrial production
  • Preservatives & insecticides
  • Antibiotics cause destruction of the healthy gut bacteria
  • Allergic & autoaggressive diseases
  • Rheumatism, bronchial asthma, hay fever, Crohn’s disease, neurodermatitis
  • Weakening of the immune system
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, constipation, intestinal spasms
An irritable bowel example:

Symbiosis control is supported here by healthy wholefoods. The success of the treatment is checked by the internal medicine specialist by regular microbiological stool sample Tests.